NYC is killing COVID with UV Rays on Buses & Subways!


How "Ray of Light" Works


UV-C Light Sanitizing NYC Subways & Buses



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CBS News


Meet Violet, the Robot That Can Kill the COVID-19 Virus

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CBS News

CBS News


New York City will test ultraviolet light to kill coronavirus on subways and buses.

"The UV light that will be used in the current overnight subway and bus  disinfection program is very efficient in killing the virus that is  responsible for COVID-19," Brenner said. "What we are doing here is  reducing the level of the virus in subways, and therefore decreasing the  risk of anybody catching COVID-19 on the subway."


Ed Kaminsky

Ray of Light stopped by and cleared what seems to be every nook and cranny of our offices and gave us a ray of hope that we can operate safely. Although all of these suggested protocols are new and confusing in some manner the simplicity and thoroughness of what can be accomplished through high tech light devices saves a lot of time energy and effort on our part.

H Dryden

"It  is an amazing relief to know that with your services my home / rental  is safe and free of viruses!  The attention and care you gave to assure  absolutely every corner was treated was exemplary!  My family and any  future clients can rest well knowing their living space is completely  sanitized.  Thank you for such exceptional service!"


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