Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose UV-C sanitizing?

We use no harmful chemicals on surfaces or in your air, the process is quick and our primary concern is keeping your family, employees and customers safe and healthy through our natural Rays of Light sanitation.  

Is it scientifically proven?

Ultraviolet UV-C Light Kills Corona Viruses

Ultraviolet light UV-C not only kills the virus on surfaces, but also those in the air. It acts as an air and surface purifier. For example, a company Dimer is using its Germ Falcon robot to kill viruses, bacteria, and superbugs on surfaces and in the surrounding air on airplanes between flights at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), San Francisco International Airport (SFO), and John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in New York. UV-C disinfection robots are also typically seen in healthcare facilities and hospitals, being used to disinfect air, water, and surfaces in rooms and operating rooms.  ~ Altanrobotech

Broad-spectrum UV-C light kills viruses & bacteria. ~ WebMD

What is the difference between sanitizing and cleaning?

Cleaning removes food and other types of soil from a surface such as a the floor or a sink. Sanitizing reduces the number of pathogens on that clean surface to safe levels. Sanitizes with our "Rays of Light" take all surfaces into account in a room, which includes walls and ceilings!

Are you insured?

We are a fully insured sanitation service. We carry insurance for our employees and for the work that we do in your home. We also guarantee customer satisfaction. Let us know, and we will do our best to put things right.  

How long does the process take?

Each room takes between 15-30 to minutes for sanitation. We process multiple rooms with our "Ray's of Light" machines at once. This means that we are in and out of your home or business within an hour, depending upon size.

Is it affordable?

We have made sanitizing affordable. We go by your home or place of business square footage. Pricing is as inexpensive as $100 on up, depending upon the size of the area being sanitized. 

Do you contribute to charitable organizations?

Our main effort is to provide pro-bono services for "First Responders". We then will work with our customers that are deemed "Essential". Followed by others in need, on a case by case basis.